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Bobber Project

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Just thought I would share my latest project. Got the tins back from the painter/artist Saturday. Got the handle bars and Cobra drag pipes installed today and also refinished and painted the front lower forks.

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Got the idea for the paint scheme while looking through some old pics of my father in law. He was an aircraft mechanic in the pacific theatre and I have some really cool pics of him with some of these planes. He mainly worked on the coirsair but thought the P40/P51 warhawk would make a better scheme. He also had several really cool board track style Harley's that I would have liked to get my hands on. The air brush artist is a really cool gal from Russia. I basically gave her some minor direction and she took it from there. Amazing to watch her work. Wish I had that kind of talent.

No trail riding on this project Scott. The tins atre sitting in the middle of the dining room table until the bike is finished. Wife is ok with that. I'm building her a Betty Boop bobber when this ones complete. did I mention I have a very cool wife of 22 years?

Its been very busy here so I haven't made much progress this week. Re-jetting the carb this weekend.

Oh yeah, the seat came in the other day.

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