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Weird plumbing trap


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Ran into this plumbing trap under a pedestal sink today. Due to the small opening in the rear of the pedestal, whomever installed this one had little room to work since the drain line comes up through the floor and not out into the wall. Not sure what to say about it other than it looks wrong. I would guess that the corregated section will probably be more likely to allow for clogs. Never saw one like this one. What are your thoughts?

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P3002.3.1 sez drainage fittings should be smooth walled and the same diameter as the piping served. It also sez no ledges, shoulders, or reductions that would retard or obstruct drainage flow. All those ridges are the definition of ledges and shoulders that retard drainage.

Commit that one to memory, as it allows us to condemn those dipsquat flex fittings. Yes, they clog. It's legal to mfg. and sell them, it's just not legal to install them.

Looks like an S trap (goes into the floor). Table 3105.1 shows 1 1/4" pipe (standard lav) needs to be within 5' of the vent. If the trap is >5', I'd call it and incorrect, even though it might still work OK.

I think I got those right. You IRC gurus agree?

(Chicago's got it's own stuff......doesn't apply to youse outlanders.....)

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Ok, if we're doing the Larry, Mo & Curly plumbing work contest, I just had the prizewinner yesterday.

Never would have expected to open this vanity

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And find this masterful work of art.

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Maybe that's what it was, some sort of "abstract engineering".

Even better, this same handy homeowner did tons of electrical modification/additions including the power to the hot tub and swimming pool.

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