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Hey All,

When my niece arrived for a visit this past May she walked in the door, gave me a hug, stepped back and with wide eyes said, "Man! Uncle Mike, you have really put on a lot of weight!"[:-yuck]

Well, fact was, I had. Doc said I was 75 lbs past my ideal body weight. Trouble was, I had this mental attitude that went something like, "For 20+ years I did PT in the mornings and managed to keep up with kids half my age. I'm sick of it and I ain't going to do it anymore."[:-censore

Anyway, for the next couple of weeks we sparred back and forth a little bit. She dissed me about the weight, saying that I was being lazy and dared me to lose the weight, saying she didn't think I had it in me to do so. Well, I knew that she was just baiting me, but I don't like to be challenged, so, on June 30th I announced I was gonna be under 200lbs by September 1st. My niece kind of chuckled and said, "Yeah,....riiiggghhhhht." [;)]

Since I don't have a scale, I don't know where I was on June 30th - only that I'd been weighed last winter by the doc at 262 when he told me I was 75lbs too heavy. Since my wife had bought me a new, larger belt since then, I was reasonably sure it was at least that.[:-paperba

Well, for 90 days I've been eating less than 1000 calories a day and have been working out every evening on my NordicTrack. When I began, I couldn't stay on the damn thing for more than 2 minutes without just about passing out. Now I'm up to 90 minutes a night. My waist size is down 6 inches and my extra large polo shirts, which used to be tight on the sleeves when I flexed a bicep, now look like pup tents on me.[:P]

Today, I took a little time to stop by a department store, went up into the bathwares department, pulled out a fancy schmancy scale and weighed myself.

Hah, 198.5 lbs![:-bigeyes

Hey Eun Jin! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it![:-bigeyes [:-tong2]

Now, just 23.5 more pounds and I'll be at that ideal weight that the doc was talking about. My wife doesn't want me to go there. She says I'll look like a strung-out crack addict if I do. We'll see.



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Good for you Mike. There's nothing worse for one's health than being significantly overweight, you're way better off. I'm still a girlish 205 at 6' 3", unfortunately about 10 lbs. of it sticks right out from my gut. Another 10 lbs. is....elsewhere. [:-eyebrow[:-dev3][^]

Brian G.

If You Believe That One, Contact Me About a Sure-Fire Power Ball Lottery Number (only $5000!)

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WOW Mike - great!!!

It's sooooo easy to put the weight on and you pay hell getting it off. Along with a good diet exercise is key.

In 1991 I was in a high stress job. I was drinking about 10-15 cups of coffee and smoking 2.5 to 3 packs of cigarettes a day. After a trip to the emergency room I knew it was a time for a change, like they say, I had a moment of clarity.

Quit smoking, 2 cups of cups of coffee a day max. The wife and I walk 3 miles every day, sun, rain or snow, and we hike 10 - 16 miles on the weekend. At first I hated working out but to tell ya truth if I don't get out and walk or hike I'm a crabby bastard (more than usual). On our vacations we have hiked the Smoky Mountains, the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Laurel Highlands in PA.

Keep up the good work! Your best reward is your health.

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Yo Mikey! Good health is it's own reward.

It's one of those strange intergalactic mysteries that one has to expend energy to get energy.

I don't eat donuts, do the 5 a day on the veggies, limit my intake of carbs, & most important, DON'T EAT UNTIL I'M STUFFED. One portion. My daily caloric intake is about 1100.

Why? So I can do that thing you see me doing over on the left.

I have the utmost respect for the lardies that take it off; it requires discipline & perseverance, 2 of the most important attributes a fella can have.

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Nice job Mike.

I was fat for most of my youth and when I got it off I vowed to never weigh more than 195 (a good fit weight for me) Now, I weigh myself every day and when I get close to that number I shut it down untill I'm 188 or 190 once again. It's a lot easier to lose 7 lbs than to let it get out of hand. So far this min max method has worked for me. Except around Christmas. I'm a whore for those frosted cut outs.

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Originally posted by Terence McCann

Originally posted by kurt

It's one of those strange intergalactic mysteries that one has to expend energy to get energy.

There is a truism if I ever heard one! [:-graduat

Yeah, I was with Kurt for a while there too, but no donuts????? I need my Vitamin D.

Nice work, Mike. At 5'10", 170, I'm kind of a mini-inspector and I like it that way. I really don't want any of you real tough guys making your way into my weight class. I 'd rather go on thinking I rule the division. So let me know when you drop the next 20, so I can retire as a champ.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Knock out the fat, but don't hit me,

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Well, if there is a box of "nuts" sitting on the counter courtesy of some realtor type, yeah, I snarf a couple. They make me feel like shit afterward.

"The cleaner the vessel, the more upsetting are the contaminants". Master Yoda

Yeah, Jimmy, where fore art thou.....? He's sitting in his treehouse w/ the dialup connection playing w/himself while he waits to log on. Dude moves into the woods, forsakes hi-speed connections, all in the search for peace. Rev it up, Jamester.

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