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gotta love your tree

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I see that all the time. A week or so ago I looked at a brand new home where a year ago the neighbor begged the builder not to trim this monstrosity that was leaning over the property line onto her lot. Being an obliging fellow, he built the fence up to both sides of the thing and actually molded the shape of the fence to fit it pretty tightly so tha even a dog couldn't get through.

Well, now she'd having a lap pool put in and the code guy told her that she had to have a contiguous fence around her back yard. What's she do? Instead of trimming away just enough of what's on her side of the property line, so that the fence can be completed, she goes two feet onto the other side of the property line and hacks away at the base of the tree/shrub - whatever the thing is called (looked something like lillac to me) - and left this big ragged hole in the fence line and fully one third of the thing missing. Now she wants the builder to finish the fence. Pretty cheeky!



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