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Vapor barrier installed b/w layers of insulation


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I reported on a condition where the original attic insulation was loose fill cellulose (approx. 6"). The seller then added faced fiberglass insulation on top of that, with the vapor barrier now sandwiched b/w the loose fill and batt insulation. I called the issue out due to the vapor barrier. As you know, vapor barriers, if used, should be installed against the warm (winter) side which would be against the upper level ceiling. The listing agent is balking at my reporting this. A builder the listing agent talked to says it's not a problem. I told the listing agent that if additional insulation was to be added over the original loose fill cellulose, the seller should have either used:

1. Additional loose fill

2. Unfaced fiberglass

I can't find anything relating to my issue in the IRC about not installing vapor barriers b/w layers of insulation. Can anyone out there help?


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