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What do you give your clients?

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Trying to get a gauge as to what you might offer your clients at the inspection as far as a folder etc... In my previous inspection life as a franchisee, we did have a folder with an insert that contained information for the home owner etc... Since going independant, I haven't offered anything but a business card and a copy of the inspection contract after the inspection is completed. I do e-mail the report same day. I am debating about putting together a folder/binder type presentation, just wanted to get some feedback.


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My clients get a copy of the agreement, a couple of business cards to hand out to friends and family, a handshake, and an explanation of when they can expect the report. That can be anywhere from the next day to 2 or 3 days out, depending on numerous factors from how busy I am to how big a mess the house was and beyond. I have yet to do a house that didn't require research of some peculiar aspect or other. Any documentation I turn up, like installation manuals or service records, is forwarded with the report.

I don't think I'll be doing same day reports anytime soon.


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They get a 2-pocket report folder with our name/logo printed on the front and a business card in a slot on the inside flap. In the left pocket there are 2 brochures, a copy of the inspection agreement, a seasonal list of maintenance tasks and a pre-settlement walk-through check list. The right pocket is empty so they can slip in the report if they choose to print it after receiving it by e-mail.

When inspecting a house we've previously inspected, it's not unusual to find the old report and folder sitting out on the kitchen island or foyer table.

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Many years ago while I was still with the franchise - I ordered a box of something called "The Homeowner's Diary" or some such. It was a book with a place to record every detail about your house and record whatever maintenance that one does. At that time it was being sold by Blue Sky Marketing but I think I've found it on Amazon:

http://www.amazon.com/Home-Owners-Diary ... pd_sim_b_1

I used to give one to every client when I collected the check and later presented them with a looseleaf report that contained a basic homeowner's maintenance schedule (filler). I think that the books retailed for about $6.95 or something like that and that when I bought them in bulk I got them for about $2 off.

Customers loved the things, the franchiser didn't. One of the other frachisees, son of one of the founders, started whining about it and I was essentially told to cease or desist or I'd be putting my contract in jeopardy. Later on when Yung started working with me, the same thing happened, so she stopped working for me for about 4 years until I sold the franchise.

Maybe the biggest objection to it was that I gave it to the clients instead of the realtors; the frachiser's hook is a little box of chocolates that's delivered in person about once a week to a realtor's office and their primary means of getting work is through the "referral client."

Sometimes, when I tired of sucking up, stopped going to realtor's offices and didn't reorder chocalates for a while, I would get a phone call reminding me that my contract said that I had to follow their marketing plan and procedures or risk losing my franchise. I toed the line for a while but somewhere around the 9 month mark I began ignoring the threats and would only occasionally buy the damned chocolates, fill up all the little 3-inch by 3-inch by 2-inch boxes that 40lbs of chocolate balls would fill and then go out and drop them off on the front desks at realtors' offices until I ran out. Then it would be another 5-6 months before I did it again.

It's been so long since I've been inside a real estate office doing any marketing that I don't even know what's acceptable these days; I do know that our new home inspection law here in Washington State, that goes into full effect today, prohibits inspectors from providing compensation, inducement, or reward directly or indirectly, to any person or entity other than the client, for the referral of business, incluision on a list of recommended inspectors or preferred providers or to participate in similar arrangements. That rule does not prohibit an inspector from giving a realtor a low value advertising or marketing product that costs $10 or less, though.



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I give them the report onsite, printed, in a 3 ring binder. Picture of the home with address, date etc on the front cover. Photos and videos burnt on a labeled disc. I give them a maintenance manual and some coupons to some local establishments like Wild Birds Unlimited. Folks really enjoy the Wild Birds coupons. Several business cards to hand out to friends.

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The report goes in a white 3 ring binder. Picture of the home with address, date etc on the front cover. Inside is a copy of Basic Home Systems and ASHI SOP & COE.

If I am emailing the report I give them the binder to put it in.

The binder have got me inspections from other buyers after they have seen it.

Like Bill I have found my report at homes I have inspected before.

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