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whats the odds

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Driving around doing some overdue errands today, get a phone call for an inspection. I tell the lady I will pull over and get the details and quote her the fee. So I turn off the the street I am on, and find a wide spot to get the details.

When she gives me the address I say to myself: "self, this is right near where you is at" lo and behold there is the lady talking on her cell phone at the picture window.....I parked in front of the sellers home where she (the buyer) is calling from.... had a good laugh with her, and the seller and booked the inspection....

guess the bizarre thing is Monday I was at a home 60 miles north, yesterday 25 miles south and probably 100,000 potential homes in the our area an hour in any direction.... go figure

my wife said I should have bought a lottery ticket as odds are probably better.

I'm sure there are other bizarre stories out there? Jerry

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