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Deck floor board spacing

Jerry Simon

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Treated, I pack it as tight as it can be packed. In a year, there's a space that's just about right.

Cedar, I use a case hardened finish nail, which also happens to be about the diameter of the previously mentioned pencil lead, maybe a tad thinner. That's just about right in a year.

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I've noticed that on decks where surface boards are pushed tightly together, there are more problems with premature rot and fungal growth.

It's hard to figure out how much of a gap to leave. I would prefer to install any surface boards when they have a high moisture content, and then leave a decent gap from there. That way, the deck boards can "breathe" and drain better during the wet season.

If I saw a wet deck where boards were tightly butted together, I'd write it up.

Oh yeah, I write up decks all the time that are flush with exterior door thresholds-- bad idea.

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