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Is it possible to determine the age?

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Just curious of opinions on this subject. Do you think it is possible to determine the age of dry rot? I will use a sill plate for example from a 1950's home.

It's not possible to determine the age of rot on a piece of wood other than in a very broad way. For example, I don't believe it's possible for a piece of wood to become visibly rotten in less than about 9-month's time. However, once rotten, the wood looks as if it's been rotten for years. That's what rot does -- makes the wood look old.

- Jim in Oregon

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1. Instructive especially excessively.

You made me look. I don't see how I was by that definition. And don't call me Myrtle.

Perhaps I misunderstood. I thought you were asking a rhetorical question that was intended to point out the inaccuracy of the term "dry rot." I considered that to be didactic. It's similar to the people who insist that we should say "water heater" instead of "hot water heater" or "wood burning stove" instead of "wood stove."

No offense intended.

The quotation, by the way, is from the play, Harvey. (Doesn't everyone know that play forwards & backwards?) The complete quote is, "Oh, Myrtle, don't be didactic. It's unbecoming in a young lady. Besides, men loathe it."

- Jim in Oregon

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