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Radon Testing Equipment


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Hey all,

I am looking to replace my canister style radon testing with electronic equipment. Any suggestions on what to buy?

The ones I have been researching have a big range in price from the SafetySiren Pro Series 3 for about $120 to the AccuStar Continuous Radon Monitor, RadStar RS300 for about $850. I have found others way more expensive (up to $5000), but need to keep this under $1000.

Any input is appreciated.



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Sun Nuclear 1027's: http://www.sunnuclear.com/radon/1027/1027.asp.

$595 retail from the manufacturer. Used models sometimes out there for a couple/few hundred less. You don't need to buy the printer to get the data out or to produce reports.

I have four 1027's. They're sturdy, reliable, easy to operate and meet EPA standards. Low overhead (annual calibration).

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