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Pretty Kewl Log Cabin

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Here's the ultimate project for you eastern seaboard DIY'er types.

It'll be disassembled for the buyer and loaded on the buyer's truck and then all the buyer needs to do is reassemble it on his/her own foundation, wire it, plumb it, re-roof it, install HVAC systems, install sewer or septic systems, and maybe a well - depending on location - and re-plaster all of the rooms and rebuild the fireplaces and chimney.

Just what the bored home inspector is looking for to fill those long boring winter weekends. [:-bonc01]

Click here!!!



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I love that website, though it's been a while since I've visited. I like this building better, much more interesting and at least twice as logistically challenging. http://www.historicproperties.com/detai ... y=Necar006

It's been listed for several years now, so the special rules must be pretty intense.


I just noticed the reduced price, last time I looked at this place it 105k more.

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That's probably a pretty good conservative estimate, but I've never seen a building up close that's been vacant for over 60 years. That's only like 5 or 6 hours from here, I might have to go and tour that one someday. Last time I was in the Thousand Islands I was young and dumb enough to water ski in 3' swells, the only other boats on the seaway were freighters.


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