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HGTV is coming to my house

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My wife wrote to HGTV a few weeks ago and asked for help in organizing our home office and expanding its function into into a guest bedroom as well.

They came and interviewed us this past week and they liked us. They are coming here tuesday to film an episode of Mission Organization. I will let you all know when it is supposed to air.

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Steven, how do you spell "Glutton for punishment". Can't you see it! She's got designs on your 'stuff' man! By Wednesday, you're gonna be sitting on the floor on the very spot where your favorite recliner, with the well worn-in butt pocket, used to sit, and you'll be sobbing like a baby.

You need intervention! Quick Man, snap out of it! Post a quarantined sign on your front door, tie her up, gag her, stuff her in the closet and don't let her out until they stop knocking and walk away on Tuesday.

ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! (To preserve our 'guy stuff')


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I've seen that show. Be afraid....be very afraid.

I come from a long, time-honored tradition of Southern pack-rats, and there is no way in hell I would let anyone come in and tell me what I could keep and what had to go. Not for television, not for squat. [:-dog]

Steven, hire a buddy to come to the frickin' yard sale and buy your most treasured items from you (with your money, of course). It's your only chance.

Brian G.

Organize This Lady! [:-dev3]

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You still have time,

Use this weekend to paint the house a different color. Then, on Monday night, switch the house and mailbox numbers and take a Wagner power painter over to the neighbor's house and, while he's asleep, paint the front of his house the same color as yours. Then lock the doors and pull down all of the blinds and don't answer the door no matter what. (Don't forget to loosen her gag and give her some water every two or three hours.)



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I've fallen and I can't get up........

Actually, I made it very clear to the producer that they can't take my extra bedroom and hijack it to "Crazy Designer Land".

There are no sentimental pieces in the room that is going to be organized. They are not changing any of the walls, windows, or doors.

They are getting a company to donate a Murphy Bed system to us that retails for $5000.

The "Professional Organizer" is coming to meet with us tomorrow and I will make sure that she knows that anything she does has to be approved by the boss (my wife). I am not too afraid (famous last words).

I figure that the worst that can happen is we get help in cleaning the room and have a few expensive "Designer" pieces to put out at the next Garage Sale.

Nothing that a little paint can't fix.

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