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Historic Architecture Photos

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I was just checking out John Dirks' photo album and admiring some of his pics of old buildings in Maryland. Great shots, but no ID of the buildings or styles. [;)]

I've been putting together a collection of pictures for an upcoming project over at OldHouseWeb.com. For those that might be interested, the old house pics are at: flickr.com/photos/oldhouseweb/

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#19 is a really good example of a California school box bungalow - it might even be a kit house or a copy of a kit house. Prominent barge rafters and brackets, deep overhanging eaves, low to the ground and spreading with a wide deep veranda.

Les, if you want a good read, get a copy of The American Bungalow 1880 - 1930 by Clay Lancaster. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put the damned thing down. You can order it through the bookstore at American Bungalow Magazine. If you've got bungalow fever and feel like hanging out with other bungalowmaniacs, you can do so at the forums over at Ambung.



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I do have a question abt old house web 19, bungalow. If you get a minute would you mind telling me why that is a bungalow?

- Lower-slope, gable roofs

- very deep eaves

- projecting purlins, supporting the roof beyond the gable-ends

- large porches, with tapered columns for roof support.

- porches are covered by extensions of the house roofs.

These are the exterior details. The interior also had several of the craftsman style bungalow details.

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