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Proximity of wood siding and trim to roof deck?


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"Insulated Concrete Forms (I.C.F.)

These systems have no wood component and the foam has no nail holding capacity. As a result, Insulated Concrete Forms require furring strips of a minimum of 1¼ inches thick spaced 16 inches on center on the outside of the foam.

Note these will need to be securely fastened to the concrete."


Cladding can be attached to plastic webs.

Screws are recommended as they have better pull out resistance than nails.

Oddly enough with ICF the need for a weather barrier is not required.

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Thanks for the link Mike.

I'm sure it's a typo with their literature, but it shows that trim needs a min. 2" clearance to decks, but doesn't seem to say siding?

A week ago, I wrote up a deck where surface boards were directly butted up against the siding. While the ledger was flashed, I wrote it up as a concern that could cause future damage. The seller's side has had to contractors out stating that it is fine, and any repairs they do may end up causing problems. I am in the process of finding an authoritative source that can't be argued.

Any ideas?

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