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Maintenance Inspections


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I do annual maintenance inspections for a few long time clients. One is a town home association, one is the owner of a chain of convienience stores and one is a group home company. The convienience stores and group homes both started as inspection customers. I have inspected numerous buildings prior to purchase for both customers. After doing the inspection work, After doing several inspections for each client I sent a followup letter suggesting the annual maintenance inspection. I was originally hired by the home owners association to do inspections of all the building exteriors in the development and to provide a recommended maintenance plan for the building exteriors and recommend an annual maintenace budget. I use 3D as my inspection software and have customized forms for all three clients. I use the summary function in 3D to identify items which need repair in the next year, items needing repair in years 2-5 and items that will probably need repair or replacement in years 5-10. I use an Excell Spreadsheet to provide estimated maintenance budgets for each period. I gave all three clients a price proposal based on my estimate of the time required to do the work. All three clients want the report at a different time of year and I can schedule the actual time I'm at the property on short notice. For the group home and convienience store properties I generally contact to building manager the day before the inspection. This lets me schedule this work when I don't have other inspections. For the Town Home Association it takes me a whole day to do the field work. As I only do the building exteriors I don't have to schedule the work with anyone. This job is close to home and depending on my schedule I may do this on one day or parts of two days. Part of this job includes attending an Association Board Meeting which always takes 2-3 hours. I keep trying to expand this part of my business by sending out letters to possible maintenace inspection customers.

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