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After researching some I've discovered that some of the areas I cover are known to be high in radon. It sort of goes against my grain to offer this service, but I just lost a job because I don't. I've looked into equipment like the Sun Nuclear set up and it's affordable enough so that I'd be interested in the investment, and I've read the manuals and it doesn't seem beyond my scope of ability.

Are there requirements for testing in NY?

I would do a "dual test" one test would be lab evaluated, with the Sun test being a back up to show that the area was unventilated for the duration of the test. What do you seasoned vets think?

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Before you make a final decision check out Radalink.com the testing unit is great, the report is very professional and the support is even better. There is little to no start up cost and the flat rate monthly fee makes it very affordable. I have been a Radalink user for 8 years and would not change if I was paid to.

Tom Barber in VA

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Thanks Tom, I'll look into that.


I can use the charcoal cans w/ no license and or permits, but to use the electronic systems that are out there I'm essentially a "lab" and for that there are requirements. I have to apply to NYS and the application and competency test costs five hundred, yes that's right, five hundred dollars. Once I apply I must pass two more tests each of which has another fee attached. Then I can wait 60 to 90 days for scoring and approval then I can test for radon. Piece of cake.

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It's very important to have good training and equipment for radon testing just like home inspection. Look into www.aarst.org. Tons of info and help if you need it. Also look into E-PERMS. Higher up front than sun but less expensive per test but you do have the lab thing with them. I whsh PA was as easy as NY to become certifeid.

By the way radon testing is about 20% of our income. Also got to www.radon.com and type in your zip code to see the average levels in your area. The ERA also has a national map http://www.epa.gov/iaq/radon/zonemap.html

Also call your insurance carrier to be sure that you are covered for testing.

Other than that nothin' to it.

Let me know if you get confused or need help.


Founding President Tri-State AARST chapter.

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We have used Radalink for about six years now and never had a problem. If you are in a licensed state they will assist you in jumping through all of the hoops necessary. They also provide you with all of the forms, quality control, and calibrations. I believe we pay $75 a month and $25 per test. Doing just a few tests a year easily pays for itself. They also answer all clients questions and interpret the test results for you.

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We have a dozen or so Sun devices. Had them for years and no problem other than the pin printers burning up when left on and annual calibration costs. I am about to make an "executive decision" and may get out of the business. We might just concentrate on inspecting existing systems and re-testing. It was always a temptation to test, install, retest. Most radon guys around here screen, find radon, install a system, take the money, then run. The longer I am in this business, the more comfortable I am with just being the best home inspector possible and let the newer guys do everything else. We train and get constant continuing education so we can bring a little extra to a regular inspection. The newer guys think I've gone soft and want to do everything. I have my hands full just inspecting and leave Mold, lead, asbestos, uffi, eifs, water, septics, radon, etc. to the experts. I do give political advice at night and weekends.

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