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Gidday from the Ottawa Valley...

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No push off, lotta direction, and a refreshing hard refusal to put up with folklore or bullshit. Be prepared to have some of your preconceptions exploded in your face. That's been my experience.

Hang around, ask questions, they'll get answered.

Bring what you know. Folks'll listen.

Where's the Quebec Valley?

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So, you're 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, eh?

Wow I cant imagine how old I would be to have served in 1 Can Para...They were formed prior to WW2 and then like all things canadian we got rid of it when we thought we didnt need it anymore. I belonged to the second and third iterations. The first was stood up in 1966 (??) and was called Canadian Airborne Regiment, until Somalia and some other stuff I will let you look up. The regiment was disbanded due solely to Ignorant Politics in 1995.... The third iteration being Para company 3rd Battalion the Royal Canadian Regiment (3RCR)...I have packed up all my gear and turned it back in a couple of years ago (2.5). Now I am hard at working into my next career...

Kurt, the Quebec Valley would be on the other side of the river of the Ottawa Valley where I am from... je nes parle pas francais

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