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I would guess the compressor is set up to maintain air pressure in the pressure tank. Its a conventional tank and there is no separation between water and air so they need additional air from time to time. If the pressure tank leaks air it may need regular re-charging. I have seen compressors setting next to the pressure tank so its easy for the owner to add air each day.

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I don't have any pictures but had something very similar when I lived out in the country southwest of Austin and had a 150 foot well.

The submersible well pump, 150' down, sent water into the holding tank turning off and on based on the float switch in the holding tank. Pumped 50 - 100 gallons each time it came on.

The holding tank fed water to the 50 gallon pressure tank and house thru a jet pump based on the pressure switch on the jet pump. Jet pump came on every 5 or 10 gallons.

Worked well. The theory, as I understood it at the time was to reduce the number of on/off cycles of the well pump, transferring those on/off cycles to the jet pump in the well house. This was supposed to increase the service life of the submersible well pump.

Much easier and cheaper to replace a jet pump in the well house than it was to bring out a rig to replace the submersible pump at the bottom of the well .

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