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Toilet Tank Sink - Why Didn't I Think of This?


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They are on just about every sit down toilet in Japan that I ever saw, and I lived there for over 12 years. They also have two flush modes: push the handel one way and you get a full flush, pull it the other way and you get a smaller flush, saves water if you just tinkel a little bit. Heated toilet seats, and more.

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Asian product engineers seem to be facinated with the comode. Every time I go to a major building products show there is someone showing off toilets that do all kinds of tricks; heated seats, colored lights, automated bidet wands, some even allow multiple users to program specific preferences and then recognize which user is seated on them and execute their program. I saw one once on the science channel that is being developed to analyze urine for specific diseases.

I just want mine to continue to take my crap with out giving my any trouble.


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Those things have been around for over 20 years. I wonder why they've never caught on?

- Jim Katen, Oregon

It might be a natural selection/Darwinian thing.

Personally, I like keeping my water source and my defecation receptacles separated by a reasonably wide margin.

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