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2 More WA Cops Shot: 8 In Less Than 2 Months

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Two more cops were shot in Washington state today.

There were two ambushed on Halloween night - one of them died. Exactly a month later, four more were ambushed and executed while sitting in a coffee shop getting ready to go on shift. Today, two deputies are fighting for their lives after they were shot by some redneck nutcase when they responded to a domestic disturbance today.

The Halloween night killer was tracked down and shot during a shootout with the police nearly a week later moments after his victim's funeral had ended.

The killer of the four was tracked for four days. Then, as the dragnet was closing in, his car broke down and a patrolman stumbled upon him. He was killed by the patrolman in the ensuing shootout. Five people who helped him elude the police for four days are under indictment.

Today's redneck agreed to accompany the deputies and then unexpectedly pulled a gun and began firing. One deputy returned fire, killing him but not before he and his partner were hit.

Total of three cops wounded and five dead in 7 weeks. This is so wack! I don't know if it's the friggin' water or what but it's pretty unsettling. I think they should make it a capital offense just to assault a cop. If they did, I bet these cretins would think twice.

Done venting now.



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