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What a Christmas Present


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Luck comes home...my kids are home for the season. My wife wanted to go play bingo, cash prize over $5000. So, my youngest say yes, I say, hockey game you guys go and have fun. About two hours after they left I recieve a text from the boy: MOM just won $2000 dollars.

Like you guys, I figured that it was a joke on me, because they were pretty cocky when they left the house, something about were going to win bla bla bla. Well when they came in the house with the cheque for 2K. I say congrats to them and quietly hope that my gift value just went up...and it did..a merry christmas it was

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I just wish it was me that won it.

$128,000,000 bucks.

No such luck for me. I understand you actually have to buy a ticket to win! Bummer.

Winner hasn't come forward yet, but it wasn't me.

Though I did have a great Christmas with the kids and grand kids. Perhaps I'm the real winner after all.

Most of the lottery winners are broke a few years later. I'll still have my kids and grand kids.


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