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Unable to book the inspection

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Got a call from a Realtor yesterday. He was representing the buyer and wanted to schedule an inspection for his client. All was going well until I told him the client will be responsible to pay the inspection fee at time of the inspection. He was under the impression the fee was not due until closing (must be a new guy). He hung up with me, called his client, called me back and informed me his client has just paid all her bills for the month and has nothing left. She will be getting paid in 2 weeks and he asked if I would take a post dated check. I of course said no. I told him if he would like, he could pay my fee and then he could take the post dated check from his client and cash it later. He didn't like that idea. This morning he emailed me stating his client has gone with another inspector. Question, how are people without money buying homes?

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They're not short on money, just regard for our profession.

Do you see the tie in the picture? Each of my clients get 100% from me, I'll forget the fee when it comes to seeing to their needs, but I haven't the patience nor the will to tolerate one iota of BS from any agent. Of course, I'll get that message across in a discreet manner (if it's the first offense).

I got plenty of requests like that years ago. Rarely happens anymore. The job is easier once your name gets out.


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I had a similar situation last week. Mine was only a two day thing and it was between me and the client. Since I knew where he worked, I helped him out without fear of being paid. (They'll fire you.)

The strange thing about it was, I know for a fact this guys job pays close to a buck and a half a year. How did he not have it?

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I've taken jobs such as this, and will continue to do so until I get burned.

I know of several companies who accept payment at escrow and take a credit card back up to be safe, so what's the difference? It is illegal to pass a bad check isn't it?

The fact that people can supposedly afford a house, but don't have the cash to pay for an inspection is scary.

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For as long as I've been doing this, when I don't get paid on site, it becomes a nightmare, requiring relentless calls. Zig Ziglar said it best, "The value of a product in hand goes down pretty quickly."

I can say that in 16 years I've only not been paid about four or five times, by People that actually fled the area and it wasn't worth the effort to track them down.

I'm not crazy about post-dated checks, but I will accept them for one reason: Writing a bad check for over $100.00 is a felony - too much to lose: an arrest record, loss of voting rights, finger prints with the FBI for eternity, and more... The check has always been good. Well, there were a couple that weren't, but as soon as I asked them, "You DO understand the writing a bad check for over $100.00 is a felony, don't you?", man they were knocking on my door within hours with cash or a money order in hand, even if they had do beg borrow or steal to cough it up.

Similarly, I've agreed to payment at closing. I just always tell the agent, "It's up to YOU to make sure my check gets dispersed, and if it doesn't, I expect you to make it good." One time I actually did have some buyers at the closing table tell the attorney, "Oh, we don't want that on the closing statement. We'll take care of him.", to which the attorney, to my surprise, took it right off. But, even they ended up paying after I jerked their chain once or twice. If you're diligent, you'll get paid.

There are always people financially squeaking to get into a home, but anyone that can trade a rent payment for a mortgage payment is making a good move. Rent per SF will always be more than mortgage per SF or there'd be no reason to own rental properties. I'm always happy to help someone get into a home. And, as tight as banks are these days, with big brother watching, I don't think anyone's going to get a home they can't afford to own anymore.

I don't know about any of you guys, but getting into my first home, in the 80's, was no cake walk. Interest rates were 10% then. As is the norm, all the lender knew how to say was, "no problem"... "No problem"... With 24 hours to closing, suddenly I was scrambling for last minute info and "oops, we forgot to tell you about this" cash, like a one armed paper hanger. And, at closing table, in spite of their assurances to the contrary, I was pretty much temporarily broke. In the mortgage industry it was just the SSDD. Ya gotta love lenders - they're a mess that never seems to change. But, it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I think we're far better off, especially now, to rejoice with and do all we can, within reason, for anyone that can get into a home these days.

That's just my two cents.

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I always get paid on site with one exception. Sometimes I get paid via PayPal. In that case, I don't send the report until the payment is received.

I'm a PayPal fan myself, John. It sure was nice to say goodbye to monthly fees. It works great and it sure is nice to transfer in and out of PayPal with a click of the mouse. Nice service well worth the slightly higher per dollar fee, which couldn't possibly add up the monthly fees most merchant service providers charge.

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