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Interesting Doings North of the Border

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Then there are those clever folks down under. The Aussies have two varieties of inspectors - Building Surveyors and Building Inspectors. The Building Surveyor would be the equivalent of a cross between a muni inspector and a construction consultant here, and the Building Inspector is a Building Surveyor Lite and has the same function we do. Interestingly, the Aussie Building Inspectors don't have to do electro-mechanical systems, so buyers have to hire trades to come in and inspect those components.

Holmsglen International residence course

Central Queensland University's Bachelor of Building Surveying External Degree Program

(A student taking this course can complete 2/3 of the course and graduate with an Advanced Diploma of Building Inspection - sort of the equivalent of our Associates Degree - by completing the courses below.)

Central Queensland University's Advanced Diploma of Building Inspection

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