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LP Siding over concrete block/stucco


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Hi all,

I live in a 70+ year old home with concrete block walls all the way to the roof, with stucco directly applied over that (essentially parging). Due to cracks from the age and the conduction of exterior temperatures, I am going to apply siding over it.

I have decided to use 2"X3" verticals mounted on the exterior with felt paper between them and the wall, and placing 1" styrofoam insulation board between them, with OSB Smartside vertical siding over that.

This would increase my R value and leave a 1/2" air gap between the insulation board and the siding back to prevent any sweating there. I will also leave a vent on the bottom (similar to a soffit strip vent) on the bottom to also allow it to dry out if condensation develops.

The only thing LP says is to not allow the siding to be applied directly to concrete, which it won't.

I was wondering if you guys had any input as to ideas or problems with this plan. Thank you, Kevin

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Your plan sounds okay to me. But I personally would not choose an OSB product for any application in my own home, much less for exterior cladding panels. Why not a fiber cement product? I am in the process of installing Hardie lap siding on an addition to my home. I chose this product based on Chad Fabry's endorsement in another thread. (If it ever fails, I'm confident Chad would come down and replace it!)


With fiber cement panels, I would install 2"x2" verticles 24" OC and fill the space with 1-1/2" rigid board insulation. If your concerned with moisture, use insulation board manufactured for use with "drainage EIFS" that has channels cut into the board.

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From what I've seen of fiber cement the only bad thing I can find is that it telegraph's the irregularities of the framing. The walls need to be straight.

Don't buy any of the tools, Bill. I'd be happy to loan you shears and a cordless Makita fiber cement saw.

The deatils listed for the siding over stucco sound good to me as well.

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