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Fun Home On The Lake

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This was a fun one to do. Lake Sammamish. Kurt would have been drooling.

http://www.redfin.com/WA/Bellevue/1098- ... ome/327414

It's a "remodel" which a non-builder built himself. It was featured in a mid-1990's issue of Northwest Magazine. In order to build this, the guy took the original structure down to the foundation, left the foundation stemwalls in place, formed up a new, much taller, foundation around the outside of the original foundation, and then spanned the old foundation with a large longitudinal support beam and supported it near mid-span with a couple of 6 by 6 wood posts resting on top of the outside walls of the original foundation. Total contact between the new house and the old house in this "remodel" is 72 square inches. Talk about a loophole!

The uphill "studio" part of the house had to be torn down midway through construction and done again. Apparently, the lumber they'd used was so wet that when it was dried in everything shrank so much that they had no choice.

The entire first floor has a three inch thick layer of stamped concrete with imbedded PEX for a hydronic in-floor system running off a Buderus boiler with a standoff water heater storage tank. Then there is a redundant Aquatherm forced hot air system that uses that same hot water run through a coil as the heat exchanger.

I guess what they do is fire up the forced hot air to warm the house quickly until the radiant rising from the slab kicks in. Sealed crawlspace; very clean - I didn't even have to don my coveralls and was in and out of the crawlspace in less than ten minutes.



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