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Roofing Material -New to Me

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While watching everyone's favorite?? construction sleuth, Mike Holmes, I observed a roofing material that was new to me. It is a simulated architectural shingle made of of metal-aluminum or galvanized-consists of about three courses in height and maybe three feet in length. It locks-in similar to vinyl siding and it has a granulated surface. It uses a proprietary valley flashing component.

Any comments or experience with this material?

Thanks, Greg

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I was working for a roofing contractor about 15 years ago, and we put down about 30 of those roofs. Most of them were for Taco Bell, so they were pretty small jobs with few details and penetrations. They are really good roofs and very durable, but like any roofing system the devil is in the details.

I remember this one guy who wanted us to install them on his house. There was a pretty large mansard section and he chose a blue tile. I betcha he's sick of that color by now![:-crazy]

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Guys I have consulted a roofing company that told me about polyurethane foam roofing. They said polyurethane renders the foam to be quite versatile in application. It can be bent, shaped and used over all kinds of roofs.

Can you guys gimme some suggestions?

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