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Ladder lube


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Ever have the problem with the Little Giant slide locks sticking during set up and take down? Aluminum is a bit soft and tends to stick to itself a bit. For years I have used a wax product on my bicycle chain called "White Lightning". The original product just leaves a wax film that doesn't collect dirt. They have other lubes that hang in longer and/or for wet conditions, but they accumulate crud. Put a thin layer on the moving parts and it's like grease, without grease.

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Personally, I'm a McLube fan. Stuff's amazing.

Hey Kurt, where can I pick-up a can of that locally? My telescopic is in need. I tried the McDrive-through on Howard St., but I didn't see it on the value menu.

Laser Supply ar 2112 Jackson in Evanston (was Hudland Marine) 847-866-7765 usually stocks it - they are out, but will have it again in a week - 10 days).

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