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But what will she be looking at?

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I did an inspection last week that had a crawlspace access from the basement. The opening had duct trunk line running through it that blocked my entry.

As usual, I recommended access be provided so a complete inspection can be provided. The sellers realtor was present but didn't say much when I showed my client the blocked access.

I guess my client asked the seller to remove the duct so I could get in. Here's the reply from the sellers attorney-

"My client also agrees to provide access for inspection of the crawl space under the small den [basement access]. We note that access to the crawl space is limited, but that many utility companies have gained access and have been able to bring wires across the crawl space. If you inspector is unable to gain access, the Seller's realtor has volunteered to enter the crawl space with the inspector present and look for any deficiencies."

If it comes to that, I think the first thing I will ask her to look for are 2 eyes shining back at her when she scans the crawl with my flashlight; do you think she'll continue?

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Wanna bet that the utility companies used push poles or something similar!

Sure. Around here, the low voltage guys are really good at using long sticks to run those cables. Unfortunately, they seem to be unaware of the requirements for fastening those cables under the house.

I remind them.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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