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You have been banned from this forum

Please contact the webmaster or board administrator for more information


So much for the unmoderated board.

NACHI's taken a great deal of its board to members only. They've pretty much left just technical visible. I guess they figure if they eliminate the contentious threads their image will improve.


Should Chad be Banned?



37% [ 28 ]



62% [ 46 ]

Total Votes : 74


The poll is from the members only section, I think the steering comittee added wrong.

To be honest, I thank God that I was banned. Jeff Remas was too. They made it so we can't even view the board and that'll go a long way toward curing my compulsion to point out the irregularities that so frequently pop up over there.

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Posted: Nov 21, 2004 12:22 PM Post subject: Changes as of 11/21/2004


NACHI's Steering Committee has unanimously decided to make the following changes to this message board:

"Misc. Discussion" has been moved to the members-only section of this board

"General Inspection Discussion" has been moved to the members-only section of this board

"Not for Everyone (public)" has been removed

"Chad Fabry" and "Jeff Remas" have been removed and banned from this message board system


Chris Morrell

Director of Information Technology

Check out the 2005 NACHI Convention in Orlando, FL

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Well, Chad, You did ask some ?? that the steering group and ed can not and will not answer.

And by the way the only time the polls are used is when they are what the SC wants. If they dont want then polls are useless says most of the SC members.

Its a sad day. Just dont know if its for you or them.

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Before this thread goes somewhere where it doesn't need to go, it is NACHI's board and they have a right to run it the way they want - the same way I run this board the way that I want. As does ASHI, AII, NAHI and CREIA, all of whom have private forums for their members. Here on TIJ, I have a private forum for inspectors from Washington State to be able to talk about issues involving inspectors here in Washington. I don't make that public, because I think the issues being discussed there need to be discussed amongst those that it will affect - not the entire HI profession.

I need to point out that I exhorted Nick & Company for quite a while to clean up the publicly accessible areas of the NACHI board, because I felt that all of the contentiousness there and the muckracking, being open to the public, gives the public a poor impression of all home inspectors. I see nothing wrong with an organization keeping that kind of stuff out of the public eye. Nobody wants to read that kind of crap anyway, except for the people that are engaged in it. That's the primary reason that I use the delete key here and insist on folks being polite.

It's too bad that Chad and Jeff got booted from that board for asking forthright questions, but it's done and that should be the end of it. They've lost the input of a couple of pretty bright fellows and that was our gain. That's the long and the short of it, and there is no need for this to turn into another NACHI vs. ASHI thread. Agreed?



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Just so you know, on the question of: "Should Chad be banned?" I voted "No"

Banning you seemed harsh to me, but frankly, you did earn yourself a proper caning -Singapore Style. It's another of life's sad ironies that if that were one of the poll options, you might still be able to drink at the NACHI fountain of knowledge.

Damn those pesky pollsters,

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I like moderated boards, there are good reasons to maintain civility where a group is involved. Sometimes rather undesireable types wander in and foul it up for the rest, simply because they want to or lack the capacity to do better. We've seen it happen here, and I'm still happy with the moderation and banning that resulted.

Banning someone for asking painful questions without getting ugly is a different question. I suppose it depends partly on where one is viewing from, as to whether the asker is be disruptive or merely seeking answers.

If I were on the committee I would've banned Chad a long time ago, for one or the other. [;)]

Brian G.

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