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Landlord/Renters inspection

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Recieved a (unusual to me) call yesterday about doing a inspection for a man who wants to rent out his home for a few months while he's working out of state. Seems a nearby small town wants an inspection and all landlords must be licensed by city to rent out a home. Evidently town wants the renters to be safe?

I'm going by (city hall) today to find out more details as to what the inspection includes...

Anybody else heard of or have a similar policy enforced locally... thinking it may be a ploy to sell business licenses to all involved?

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Baltimore County Maryland requires landlords get rental licenses. The process includes an inspection that must be done by a licensed home inspector. Other local counties have similar requirements but their municipal inspectors handle the inspection part.

I set up a whole different website to attract business from rental inspections. That link is below in my sig if you care to see what its about.

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Thanks John for info...

King Co Home Inspectors

Sounds like this may be a new revenue source for cities????

Sounds like King Co (commisioners??) will be enacting a landlord licensing ordinance soon also, according to city clerk I talked to today (which may or may not be true).... Anybody there heard about it??

Download Attachment: icon_adobe.gif landlord Inspection.pdf

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Remembering some of the rentals for sale I've inspected over the years this could be a nightmare for landlords if the inspector is thorough, but good news for renters. Evidently rentals will have to be reinspected every 2 years...

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