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Saw a good one today

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In an effort to save the cost of reinstalling a satellite TV system in his new house a customer removed the dish and receiver from his old house and decided to install them himself.

After a couple of days of not finding the birds he finally called us to come out and point the dish.

He had the dish aimed north. The birds are 23,000 miles above the Equator.

Felt kinda bad for the guy, since he already ran the cable, drilled holes in his siding, and anchored the dish.

What goofy stuff have you seen homeowners do?

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I'm assuming way back then your primary meter was a Channel Master? I have one as back up. My primary is a Birdog. Tells me the name of the bird I'm pointed at. I'd like to upgrade to a Super Sat Buddy since that will let me test the individual transponders of a bird.

Sometime I find old analog meters at flea markets and pawn shops. I have a decent collection now. Brands long since out of the business.

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