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Home Winterizing and De-winterizing

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Has anyone looked into the home winterizing and de-winterizing business. I understand it is part of the governments (HUD, etc) property preservation programs and most of these companies get 250-300 dollars to winterize or de-winterize a home.

I know there are other services offered, such as lock change outs and boarding up windows and doors, but I was also informed that you can sub-contract with a preservation company to perform inspections and other services within your scope of expertise.

Any information would be helpful.


ATEX Inspects


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I looked into doing this. There just isn't enough volume of work (in this area anyway) to make it worth while. The companies I talked to want a few million in general liability insurance, a few million in E&O, and all kinds of other stuff. Lots of hassle, paperwork, lots of driving. Some of the companies I was talking to were talking about work in Kamiah.

Now if I was a general contractor and had all the insurance anyway this type of work might be a good way to fill in the slow times. Also most companies pay 90 days net. That's a long time to wait for a small check.

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The guys doing this in the Metro Atlanta area that I have spoken with travel to all the different Metro areas.

Even if you get a gas allowance it would still be a pain due to traffic.

Another note is that they could really use someone that knows what they're doing. I've had plenty of houses that were not winterized very well.

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