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Looking For Help Adding Links

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Hi All,

I just put together 16 pages of hyperlinks related to just building science stuff and fleshed out the various sub-categories on TIJ.

Now I'm hoping that a few of you can give me a hand uploading them to the links section here on TIJ. Otherwise, it's gonna take me literally days to get it done.

If anyone has the time to help, please shoot me either an email or a PM and I'll give you the details of what's involved.

Many thanks in advance to anyone that can help.



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Hi Everyone,

I want to publicly thank Terry McCann, Chad Fabry, Richard Moore, Richard Farrell and Bruce Thomas for their hard work so far in filling out our links section. In just a few days we've made remarkable progress.

I've moved some links around and created some new categories in the links section. You'll see that there are a myriad of various building science related topics. I've also added a chemistry and physics section to the Building Science category for you folks who, like me, are sort of nerdy about that kind of thing.

I've created a whole new section for professional associations and organizations. It is the very first section you see when you enter the links library. Organizations have been broken down by state, national, international, construction related, etc.. It should make them a whole lot easier to find.

I've also created a new category for codes and standards.

I'll be going through all of the links already in the library and will adjust their locations as appropriate. For you guys who're inputting the links - please be sure to use the down arrow in the links wizard to locate the category where the link needs to be, scroll to it and select it before clicking 'submit' or the link will end up in the wrong category.

For you folks who're inputting your own websites. Be careful about ensuring that you place your company under the correct state. Paul, I've moved your's to Texas. For you folks who work across state lines, place your link in the state where you reside, submit it, and then re-input it again under those neighboring states where you also do inspections.

At this rate, TIJ is going to have the largest links library located on one site for home inspectors anywhere. What's really, really neat about this though, is that it is a searchable links library. We are essentially creating a searchable database for home inspectors. How kewl is that?!

Once again, thanks Folks for making this the best family joint on the net.



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