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  1. I did not see any water issues other than the back door i replaced due to water problems, but that was a different problem. behind the hardiplank is osb board. I dont see any flashing around the windows, but they are new construction windows and I did not see any water problems around the one I removed. I also have not had any moisture problems in the home (other than the crappy windows I will be replacing). So if I have no moisture problems, it would not be beneficial to wrap now? Again thank you so much for the advice, Matt
  2. Today I had to remove an exterior window from my home. We had recently installed a wood burning stove and the window needed to be removed. Upon removing the cement board siding I found no house wrap of any kind. My home was built in 2005, and I was surprised to find this out. Is home wrap required? If not would it be in my best interest to remove all siding and add it now? I have been looking for ways to improve the efficiency of my home. Would this help much? Thanks, Matt
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