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  1. Thanks for the responses. I saw no exit holes, and Powder Post Beetles produce a dry dust from my experience. Fungus fits, or some sort of wood destroying organism. I feel like I've seen this before, so maybe your wood pile scenario works. My larger concern is; in this 70+ year old home, why is this happening now? The current tenant states that she has never had water in the basement in the last seven years. Regardless, the basement was very wet...smelled like mold, and note the 84% on my moisture meter !!!!
  2. I found this at the base of a wooden support in a very damp basement of a home built in the 1930's. There were three other support posts, all on slightly raised concrete piers. One had a trace of this substance, the others had none. You can see the moisture levels!! There were no galleries, no insect parts, and the wood seemed sound except for about 3/8 of an inch of this reddish stuff which pulled away easily. I'd appreciate any and all thoughts. Image Insert: 2728.58 KB
  3. It appears to me that this shingle was applied upside down. That sealing strip should adhere the the top of the shingle beneath it. correct??
  4. I found a similar disconnect in a garage the other day. It had a ground wire attached to a grounding stake. The main distribution panel was in the basement. The distribution panel was wired with neutrals and grounds on the same bus bars. I stated that the distribution panel should have grounds and neutrals separated as it was basically a sub panel, as it was "downstream" from the main disconnect. Was my thinking correct?
  5. I crawled up on a roof the other day and spotted this !!! Image Insert: 796.44 KB
  6. I found that siding was applied to framing on a gable end without sheathing. I wrote it up as a non-standard application. What are your ideas about this? Download Attachment: IMGP0117.jpg 54.22 KB
  7. Thanks Bruce. Very helpful comments, and while Greensburg is a bit of a drive, I appreciate your offer. I did read the law, and I am somewhat aware of the court ruling. I think it involves the determination of NACHI's non-profit status. I have been told by NACHI officers that the issue will be cleared up quickly. I hope that it is. NACHI has been very helpful for me. Their site and postings are very imformative. I am excited about joining the field. I have three inspectors who have agreed to allow me to tag along until I get my 100 complete. I'd like as many as possible to speed my journey. Each is about a 100 mile drive away. Which makes sense on a competition level. It is interesting to see different styles.
  8. I have to admit that this site has already given me great advice and a new perspective. Les' comment on a "respectable organization" has struck a nerve. I joined NACHI because they advertised their PA compliance and I felt that was important with my startup here. However, I've seen and heard a few negative comments about NACHI. What are the perpectives of the viewers of this site....about NACHI, ASHI, NAHI, et.al. ?
  9. Thanks for the replies. Bill, I may just give you a call. It's a bit of a drive, but I appreciate the offer. Mike, thanks for the advice and encouragement. I'm sorry that your experience with Building Specs was poor, my feeling was that they provided more info than I could absorb in 5 - 12 hour days.
  10. I am trying to start my own independent Home Inspection business in the Central Susquehanna Valley. I have a background in building and remodeling, and I have taken a 48 hr course on Home Inspection at Building Specs Inc. in Maryland. I am in the process of acquiring certificates for Radon, mold, and WDI, as well as looking for training on septic systems. I would like to work with someone to fill the required "100 supervised" inspection requirement. I understand that these could be ride-alongs with me using my own reports. I also expect that I will probably need to drive out of my area, and may need to pay a fee for the inconvenience. Any experienced inspectors out there who would be willing to have me tag along?
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