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  1. Which type of copper pipe should be used in hot water heating system, type L or type K? thanks
  2. good point. how about put this bedroom into the basement zone with other basement rooms? or keep the original proposal but add a ball valve to shut off it when nobody there?
  3. The main line is 1" now and i was told the main line will keep the same 1" copper. All branches will use 0.5" copper.
  4. I guss he must has licence because he needs to get permission from the town. I don't know his history that's why I ask here. Yes, he told me he has software to do heat loss and it showed the familiy room needs about 30 ft baseboard. Not yet, I didn't ask. But I will remember to ask later. But first I need to know if his proposal is good or not. If it is not good from you professional point of view, I will call another plumber. thanks,
  5. no. Please have a look at those two diagrams. one is the heating setting we have now. one is our modification plan. I just want to see if our plan is good or not.
  6. Our existing CI baseboard one zone water heating system is not enough now. Because we are starting finish the basement and planning to replace the family room?s electric heating with water heating. The boiler is 2yrs old Burnham alp105 gas boiler and supposes it is big enough for the coming new baseboards. We are planning to do the following: 1. Split two bedrooms out from the existing zone, add the family room, which is using electric heating now, into the existing zone; 2. Add one zone for those two bedrooms and another downstairs bedroom; I have two diagram to show you what we have now and what the new design is. Please review it and let me know if my plan is reasonable. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bostonjame ... 25/detail/
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