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  1. I'm wondering if there's anybody out there in my local area to serve as a mentor. I have been researching the home inspection business for some time now. It's overwhelming to see the different organizations, the banter between them, and long time inspectors not willing to help out someone looking to start into the business. Let's face it there will always be a need for home inspectors. I'd like to be one of those GREAT ones. One that takes his time going over everything he can in a home inspection, informing the homeowner, and keeping the public safe. I really would like to meet someone in my area +/- 100 miles to learn from an established pro. What's some friendly competition among friends ? I am self-studying everything I can get my hands on : The Illustrated Home by Carson Dunlop, the Code Check books, and more. What else does one need to do , to not only be ready for the NHIE, but be credible, reputable, and ready for the wonderful world of home inspection? I'm from Rhode Island, so if there's anyone in the area willing to lend an ear, a hand, etc.. much appreciated!!!!! Thanks Brian
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