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  1. Thanks for making that point. BTW, Matt, isn't going to completely bash the continuous radon meter since they happen to also sell them. We did not buy ours through them, we already had it. And how do I work the changing weather into the whole equation? That is why I ask how do we properly test how effective it is at any given point in time. If I run one test and then run another test, given the change in weather conditions, should the test have a different outcome? Or with a proper system should those test have similar results?
  2. Instead of purposely obfuscating the facts, your case would be much better presented and received had you been forthcoming with an original post that included ALL pertinent information. I have no idea why you have not yet disclosed the actual numbers provided by your continuous monitor unless you intend to drag on an already too-long discussion based on a relationship between, as I see it, a whack job and an unethical radon mitigation system installer. Pray tell, what are the actual numbers- wait, you know what? who cares. If you're going to take the yahoo to court, then do it. I, in fact, came here just to see if I was off base by thinking that this job was anything but standard. I got the information I needed. Thank you.
  3. The installer left one with us and suggested we wait 6 days. In the process of complaining to the service manager, he suggested we wait "approximately 10 days after the installation to start the test so that we can get an accurate idea of where the levels ought to be settling at." As you can imagine, I don't really trust anything they have left here so if I do any follow up testing it will be with a third party.
  4. Just to be clear, our monitor is not showing below 4.0...that is just an example to use as a question.
  5. Just had a thought: If I turn off the fan, should I see my number on my continuous monitor go up? How long would I have to have it off to see a difference in any testing?
  6. Your continuous monitor is worthless. Do not rely on it to tell you anything. Sure, that's fair. Wonder away. While you're at it, you might wonder whether or not this system might work better than a standard system. You speak as if a "standard" radon mitigation system is somehow guaranteed to be the best way to reduce radon levels in a home. This is not always the case. Sometimes the solution that works the best can be far removed from the "standard" cure. There's no way to know without testing. That'd be the part where you have no idea whether or not the existing system works. Listen carefully: I have no dog in this hunt. I'm not about to make any attempt to defend what your contractor did. But as long as you lack proof that the system he installed doesn't work, you don't have a valid complaint in my book. I suspect that the attorney general will feel the same way. DO A POST REMEDIATION TEST. If it shows that your levels are still unacceptably high, than go get the bastards. If not, then go obsess about something else. I can completely appreciate your suggestion. It just seems that it is a no brainer that being under my foundation would be the best choice.
  7. I have a continuous monitor running so I know that the levels are not below 4, so there really isn't a point. Let's say they are 3.9, isn't it fair for me to wonder if they could have been much lower if the system was done the way that is standard? The way that I paid for. Why didn't I get a choice in that matter? They have yet to prove that they couldn't do it the standard way. They cheesed it. That isn't what I paid for. What part of that is so hard to understand? In fact, in a letter where Matt offered to refund our money and remove the system, he acknowledged that many companies wouldn't have even installed a system under our "unusual conditions"...so why wasn't I told that? Why wasn't I given the option? They were happy to take my money for a "unconventional" system. They also were going to refund my money and have since back tracked. Why is that? Oh, right, because he told me he didn't want the liability of us getting cancer down the road. This has nothing to do with whether the system works. (Which I have a firm belief that it doesn't and might end up deciding to prove it just for kicks.) This is about whether this is what I paid for. Anyone could drop a bucket in the ground. I didn't pay for that. If I wanted to drill through my concrete, I would have just done it myself. That is why I paid for this to be done.
  8. Actually, come to find out they don't guarantee any specific level, so I guess I did get what I paid for...BUT I did assume that they would install a standard system. Call me crazy. Here is the actually proposal. I was a dumb consumer, I will take that blame. I just didn't realize that although they talk about certain levels and show systems that in the end I would get neither. "Create radon collection chamber beneath concrete floor in appropriate location." to me doesn't mean a bucket outside my foundation. We will see what the NEHA and the attorney general think. Download Attachment: proposal (3).pdf 286.8 KB
  9. It is pretty simple. Air Quality Control didn't do what I paid them to do.
  10. Bill, thanks for the reply. I actually contacted the regional EPA office to ask about the section that you quoted. He said that it only really comes down to what the NEHA requires, and to file a complaint with them, which I had already started to do. He also said that I should take it to the Michigan Attorney General for fraud, which I will also be doing. I want to thank everyone here for their input. I will be sure to keep this thread updated as this moves forward. Otherwise I don't know what else can be accomplished here. One last thought, if radon mitigation was as easy as dropping a bucket in the ground and hooking up a fan, wouldn't it be all over the DIY sites? LOL If anyone wants to further contact me, they can feel free to through this site or over on my blog: http://www.earthsheltered.org Thanks again for all your help. Michelle
  11. I thought some of you might be interested in looking at their limited component/performance warranty. This is something that should be given to the client before install, preferably with the quote. In our case it was given to us as the installer drove out our driveway. I have erased address and signature for privacy reasons. Click to Enlarge 130.44 KB
  12. Matt, you removed the lovely video you had posted with this comment which completely changes the tone. Keeping it classy. Click to Enlarge 55.01 KB
  13. From the EPA Radon Mitigation Standards: "Contractors who expect to deviate from proven radon mitigation technologies and methods (as defined in the RMS and other EPA references in Section 8.0) for purposes of research on innovative mitigation techniques, shall obtain prior approval from state regulatory offices, document the non-standard techniques, and inform the client of the deviation from standard procedures. In cases where radon mitigation is not regulated by the state, contractors shall obtain prior approval from a Regional EPA office." Bill, where can I find those standards?
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