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  1. Thanks Jim. Looks like this has been an issue for a long time. Lots of good info. -Karen
  2. Hello! I have been doing home inspections for about 4 years now. I was trained by AHIT. They trained me to test photo eyes and the pressure reverse on all garage doors. WA ST SOP required. To pressure test they taught me to have my hands at waist level and be ready to pull them away if the pressure revers failed. This Sat, I was inspection a 600K house and it had a 3 car garage, 1 single bay, being used for storage, and the double door used for parking. The seller was there and since there was so much stored stuff on the single car side, I pressure tested it from the outside. In about 1 second of the door touching my hands the door (mostly the top panel) folded in half like a beer can and a glass window shattered. I was shocked, I have never had this happen. I consulted with an AHIT advisor and he told me I should not have tested it due to not being able to test it from the inside due to stored items. He basically said I made a stupid mistake. He said by being inside, I could have been watching the strut for stress and let go. Actually, if I had been inside I could have been hurt by the shattering glass. And it happened so fast, I do not think I could have seen it and let go in time. Then I talked to the garage door professional who says he does not understand why we test them that way. They are to be tested with a 2x4 block of wood on the floor. I looked it up, and yes that is what the manufacturers advise. However, if the pressure revers fails, it will still crimp the top panel and damage it, so I see the point of using your hands to let go quickly if it fails. But this one broke is a mere second. I am still waiting to hear how much it will cost to fix the damage, and have asked if the owner would be willing to split it with me. I do not think I was being negligent, but his unit was not operating properly. I am sure someone out there has had a similar experience. I would appreciate any input. Now I am really nervous pressure testing doors, I really do not want this to happen again, but I need to meet SOP.
  3. Thanks for sharing experiences and advice! I am hoping that as I get more experience this will happen less often. I am glad to know I am not the only one this has happened to and will be more confident if I have to send an amended report occasionally.
  4. Hello! I am a newby, I have been licensed for a year and a half. I am wondering what other inspectors do when you realize you did not write something up that you saw. It must happen to everyone at some point. Do you call the client and verbally tell them, do you send an amended report? Neither seems very professional and I would think may make the client wonder what else you missed. These are small things, like a saddle valve I noticed and wanted to recommend removal if not in use, as they are known to leak. Things like that. Do you just try to forget about them and try not to miss things the next time around? Thanks for the advice.-Karen
  5. Well AHIT finally (seems) to have optimized their software for the 4.2.2 operating system. Now I have check boxes, which I did not have before. I am going to have to run a few full test inspections before I trust it for a paid inspection. Just thought I would update. And regardless of whether there are or are not Samsung S4's out there with the 4.1.2 operating systems, AHIT should have been ready for 4.2.2. Or even known that they were NOT ready and told me that when I called in with the software not operating properly, and not sent me back to the Verizon store!
  6. Bill, How much do you charge for a radon test and what equipment do you use? The specs for the monitor I posted said that there is a long term and a short term display, and it recalibrates every 24 hrs, with the first short term reading at 48 hrs. I am inquiring about the Radalink, thanks for the lead. The instructor I had for my H. I. training a few years ago, who had done over 4000 inspections, said he used the canisters and ordered them from AHIT. Certainly extra time involved in going back to retrieve them, and always the possibility of them being tampered with during the test. Obviously, I have not started doing radon testing and I appreciate all of the advice!
  7. Has anyone used this radon detector http://www.amazon.com/Safety-Pro-Series ... n+detector for 48 hr radon tests? I am wondering how it's accuracy compares to the canisters. Still doing some research and I will probably call the company, but I wondered if anyone else is using this tester instead of the canisters? I would like to be doing radon testing and the detector has more versatility and will pay for itself with a few $50 radon tests, vs paying $20 a test kit. Plus you get the results faster than mailing in the canisters to a lab and waiting for results.
  8. Hmmmm. I did not know there were earlier S4's. When I bought mine, they said they had just been released a few days prior. I did not know that operating systems and hardware would/could come out individually. Interesting! Thanks for the information, Jim!
  9. Well, I finally figured out why Inspectit software would not run properly on my Samsung S4. It is the only machine out there right now running a new android operating system. 4.2.2, up from 4.1.2. AHIT has not kept up with the technology and needs to optimize the software. This has cost me hours and hours of time and frustration. They said they would have an updated version ready to download by yesterday, but it still is not available. I am pretty disappointed in the software support, for obvious reasons, but to make it worse, they never really apologized AND tried to cover up the mistake by telling me that it WILL run on SOME Samsung S4's. That is illogical, and unlikely. I am pretty sure I was being lied to, which is really not cool. Makes me question their credibility. Just thought I would update the situation, in case anyone eles is having this problem, and I got to gripe a little.
  10. Scott, you were right about the brightness setting! I just found it in settings and it was at 1/2 by default. I turned it all the way up, but today it is cloudy, but I am assuming that will help. Thanks!
  11. Good idea. I suppose that is probably what they would want to do at the Verizon store. I do not have many apps, but obviously something is in conflict. Anyone eles out there using a Samung 4? I am finding the screen super difficult to see in bright sunlight and I am in the desert, so it is most often bright and sunny. I am wondering if a different screen protector would help with the glare?
  12. I have a Samsung 4 smartphone and I have loaded Inspectit software. I am not sure what is wrong, possibly some conflict with an app. It will not show me the checklist inspection report. I can email it and it is a complete report. AHIT's software support has sent me back to the Verizon store to trouble shoot. I have tried installing and uninstalling about 4 x times now. Anyone eles out there had this problem???
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