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  1. Thank you guys for you vote of support. I believe my attorney is completely capable of protecting my assets. But I don't know if he is aware or can be made aware of the consequences of the case regarding Home Inspectors. In this case I will probably need a couple of attorneys. Not to mention a Patent attorney. I don't know if this is the right case to try to over throw the patent. That's for attorneys to decide.
  2. On August 7, 2013 suit was filed in Lafayette County, Mississippi for patent infringement against myself and my company. My attorney and myself are very certain they intend on proceeding with the case. They seek damages for lost revenue, enhanced damages, attorneys fees, and etc. Essentially they want my business and everything I own. I am posting on this forum to raise awareness that the suit everyone has feared has begun. Why my company? I can only suppose that it's because of my proximity to their office( forty miles). My company is typical of most small business's. Just barley maki
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