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  1. Yup. I paid $1,000. In all fairness I was trying to avoid window units to maximize air flow on nice days
  2. well he propogated it on me. I now have these 6 inch flex ducts that look like they are made out out of aluminum foil. the slighest little hit and they look like they will tear. I should have listened to ya and went with the mini-split.
  3. increase flow/performance in my second floor?
  4. I should have been more articulate. Marc I cannot tell if you are being sarcastic but I do appreciate everyones input. I have been fighting this issue for years and I should have trusted my instincts that rerouting the ducts without a return would not work.
  5. Well I turned my AC on yesterday for the first time since accepting the advice of the HVAC contractor and big surprise, his solution to reroute my ducts didn't work. The upstairs is still an oven while the downstairs feels like a fridge. $1,000 added to the project that could have been invested in the mini-split system that I still have to get but cannot afford at this time. Those who suggested the mini-split system I say thanks, I should have taken your advice and trusted my instincts and not listened to the HVAC contractor looking to get some work.
  6. I know Tom, it just stinks to not be able to open windows on the nice days. I only have 2 windows in each bedroom and with a window unit in each the air flow gets even more restricted
  7. I am right back where I started. I had 3 contractors come out who install the minisplit system whcih they all recommended for my house BTW. I have 2 estimates so far around $5,250 Now my general contractor has his HVAC guy take a look who tells me a second system would be a waste, that I have plenty of capacity, which I knew and that I just need to get air moving. His idea is to reroute the supply lines(still no second floor return) and with the correct use of the fan, air will circulate. Also since many of my walls were removed he wants to run one supply up an exterior wall. This makes no sense to me but what do I know. Trying push cool air up a warm wall even if it is insultated. He can do this all for $1,000. I am probably going to take this route since I don't have and extra 5k right now but will be so disappointed if the upstairs still doesn't cool.
  8. Kurt, I just wanted to ask if you preferred the Fujutsu system or you provided it just for informational purposes. I am getting 2 estimates from their contractors next week but I was thinking about getting one from the Mitsubisji contractor as well buth thought maybe the Fujitsu system was better.
  9. [:-bigeyes (Backing away very slowly now.) ONE TEAM - ONE FIGHT!!! Mike we are putting a beam up for the load bearing
  10. Kurt, I have a small house and the remodeling I am doing is removing nearly all the 1st floor interior walls. I know this sounds odd but it's true. My house is an 80 yr. old 2 story twin. I really have no room to runs ducts, which made me think of an attic based system. It's crazy cause I would then have 2 systems to heat and cool a house of less than 1,000 sq. ft
  11. well if heat rises and cold air decends and my biggest problem is cooling the second floor in the summer, then what good does air moving thru the stairs do me?
  12. Marc, what about in the summer?
  13. I do not have any room to run a return from the second floor thats kind of why I was thinking about an attic based system. My current system does suppy ac as well, there is just to ability to remove the heat. I believe the system is large enough. my house is only about 900 sq. ft. living space and the system seems alrge enough. Thanks
  14. Good morning, I was looking to see if someone could help provide me with some advice on my HVAC options. I live in an old 2 story twin with natural gas heat and AC. There are no returns from the second floor and only 2 supply ducts which run up walls in the kitchen. I am in the process of remodeling the downstairs and part of this was to remove one of the walls holding a supply duct. There really are no options for rerouting the duct as it is a stright run to the second floor bathroom. I figure my only 2 options are to have an awkward column in the middle of my kitchen or remove the entire duct. Also since I have no room to install a return duct, I was thinking I would install an attic based system to really improve second floor circulation. However, I believe this are only AC systems and I would still be left with no heat if I installed and attic system and removed the duct work running from the basement to the second floor. Is this correct? or are there systems that can supply both heat and ac? Thank you.
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