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  1. 1944 Eloise Ln, Edgewood. Buyers are CQ and An. CQ talks very quickly. An will be on title and the loan only. Either will call you shortly. Thank you. -D
  2. Bad areas everywhere JD - its all relative. I need an inspection for one of my buyers. Small REO townhouse in fair condition. They intend to close on Mar 18. Are you game?
  3. All hail Bawlmer. I sent you a message earlier....do you happen to inspect up in Edgewood?
  4. Wow Kurt, that is quite the disparaging remark. I'm a Realtor (I'm also a broker that owns his very own real estate company). I have neither lied nor spoke to something without having the knowledge to back it up. My clients, in fact, feel better prepared for a real estate transaction knowing their agent had professionally inspected over 4,000 homes. When I discuss the home buying process with my family, friends and referrals, I offer polished negotiating skills, a broad knowledge of the immediate market and a tireless representative who has THEIR best interests at heart. Earning a commission i
  5. John- gimme a call 443.336.7689 and I will find a vehicle for you and your son.
  6. Radon Abatement Services 301.718.6200 or as someone else suggested DIY...its a piece of cake.
  7. Just be careful. Every time you enter a house using the key - you are letting a number of persons know that it was YOU that entered the home. If YOU didnt bother getting permission from the listing agent or set it up thru CSS, then YOU may get yelled at by a buyer's agent, an annoyed homeowner, the Anne Arundel Assc of Realtors, etc. Gets easier as you make a name for yourself around town and agents recognize who you are and what capability you have as far as getting in and out of properties. I picked up a Supra key after our first inspection 7 years ago. Any key is handy and just removes that
  8. John, Depending on the type and format of your report, you may be able to utilize parts of your report. We still use a Word doc broken down into the different components of the house. Each component page has a checklist and narrative info below the list. I just cut/pasted the checklists onto a blank piece of paper (actually 5 pages) with room below (bout half the page) to jot all the notes down. Those checklists are on a clipboard which is glued (actually Velcro'ed) to a laptop bag turned tool bag. We generate our reports from the checklists/notes. I probably said it before, but the mo
  9. Tell ya what, John. You just dipped your toes into the pool and now you want to pull the plug down at the bottom. You are just starting out, have little experience, I'm guessing you don't have an endless budget for advertising/marketing and you are proposing to collapse a potential lead conduit for your business. I have inspected homes for only 6+ yrs and <40 yrs old, however, when I started out I immediately recognized who my target market was....buyers of homes. Who best to contact to reach those "buyers of homes".....the agents of the buyers of homes. Coming into a market that wa
  10. Good quality and relatively affordable...Silver Line (ironically owned by Andersen).
  11. Whomever fed you the line should reconsider saying it anymore. He/she is only fueling a long-standing fallacy (the agent and the client are nearly one and the same - any disservice you provide to the client only falls back onto their representative, the agent and vica versa). I don't believe I could tell you the difference between a real estate man and a client man. Personally, I have never met an agent who would stake his/her reputation and career on simply pushing through a deal with help from a home inspector. All Realtors are held to many of the same standards of business practice as w
  12. Ooops!!! Congrats pal. Might not be a flip - current owner has been in it for 2 1/2 yrs as principal residence. Looks nice cosmetically. The basement is finished as a rec room/utility room. Typical Cville house - upper level bath at the front of the house (when you walk through the front door look up at ceiling - will probably find a patch or some older water stains). Nice that the mechanicals have been replaced and updated. The roof is shingle (so you can climb on it) - most rowhouses 'round here have furnace and water heater flues feeding a masonry chimney (check the connections at the
  13. If you had the chance to cruise from '02 thru '05 or '06ish, it now feels VERY slow. Bound to happen....real estate market explodes, new agents flood the market, new inspectors flood the market, new agents jive with new inspectos, new inspectors taking bites out of the seasoned agent pie (we ALL don't operate a "referral" business), relationships and trust are built, real estate market deflates, agent count declines (especially those agents who have < 5 yrs of experience and with that so does a lot of business), newish inspectors are starved. Much can be said for being "diversified" in your
  14. BTS - whatever they had on their menu, e.g, bac, bac/chem, fha/va, etc. We have the ability to perform yield tests, but usually it is too labor intensive and time consuming.
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