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  1. Thanks Charlie. Thats what I put in the report but the electrician the seller called said it's fine and now they don't want to repair it due to the $800 cost to upgrade the panel.
  2. 42 year old home, overhead electrical entrance. Would you say this main panel is ok considering the age of the home or would you write it up as needing to be evaluated and repaired by an electrician? Click to Enlarge 36 KB
  3. gotcha, thanks! guess I need to do another HVAC cont ed class soon! This old age memory is getting the best of me.
  4. You're both correct, I was just wondering why the other 2 furnaces, 2 water tanks, and 2 chimney stacks all have galvanized vents but he went with pvc on this one?
  5. 4500 sq ft house, 5 yrs old, the builder actually lives in this house. 3 HVAC systems, 2 of them have galvanized vent stacks and the 3rd has 2 pvc 3" pipes. Why did he do this?
  6. Thanks all, appreciate the words of wisdom. I'll post a follow up when all seems to have passed.
  7. Thanks to all for the advice. I'd like to compare what I would have written to what some of you would say. You're in a house with the ducts in the slab, 40 year old house. You lift up a register, see standing water, what recommendation do you write in your report? Disclaimer: Letter from attorney arrived today and stated that the Sellers agent says that the seller now admits that she knew about water in the ducts and did not disclose it on the property disclosure. The buyer found baking powder in a register, that he assumes was used to cut down on smell. From my memory: I remember lifting a couple of registers and not seeing any water. I did not lift every register in the house.
  8. I've been a member on here for years but for some reason my computer didn't log me in automatically today and I tried 50 different password combinations to no avail so I created a new acct.
  9. Dang ya'll got me rethinking this whole deal, and may very well not be sending any invoices. My buyers attorney (whom just by chance I've known my whole life) mentioned on the phone that they were trying to pin this on the seller. Also should have noted that I inspected the house in May of 2010, they bought the house and didn't notice the water in ducts til November of 2011, and were just now calling me in June of 2012. I mentioned in 3 places in the report that water could be entering the house from different places, but made no mention of wet ducts because they were not wet when I inspected the house. I do have an attorney prepared inspection agreement signed by my client which limits my liability to 180 days and on top of that the statute of limitations in Arkansas is 1 year from date of inspection. Really hoping this blows over, I do not want to go to court.
  10. So you would send the attorney a bill for the 2 phone calls and an invoice for the questionnaire? I do believe attorneys bill for every call they make so I feel I should too, when it's involving expert opinion.
  11. Well after 8 years in the business I got my first call from an attorney. Evidently the seller didn't disclose to the buyer that they have a problem with water getting into the duckwork, which is in the slab. I always open the registers when I see them in a slab and take a picture. My question is this. I did a phone interview with the buyers attorney twice and now they are sending me a questionnaire to fill out asking me what my advice would have been if I'd seen water in the duct. Should I charge the attorney for my time to fill out the questionnaire or should I just do it and go about my way, not wanting to stir any waters?
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