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  1. I recently inspected an attic with approximately 3" of blown insultation. I informed my client to add to R-49 (new energy code for Michigan - Zone 2 attics). There was not a vapor retarder under the existing insultation. Does blown insultation like cellulose require a vapor retarder? Do you veterans recommned removal of existing insultation, add vapor retarder, then blow in additional insultation?
  2. Thanks to all who responded to my question. Your comments are helping me continue to sort it all out. Between the 3-4 software packages I'm considering,(3-D, IE, Home Gauge, and InspectVue) I like them all. I'm looking for the one that provides the best support (i.e., a DVD, video, or some type of "visual learning" aide). Unfortunitely I will not know if I made the right decision until after my purchase. Paul B., the only reason I stated 40-50 pages was based on the sample report I viewed on the 3-D web site. I'm hopeful mine will not be that large. Mike, thanks for the comments on the pi
  3. I'm looking to transition from a hand written report to a computer generated report. I'm considering 3-D as they seem to have the best support in helping me get up to speed. I noticed, based on the survey results in this forum, that many inspectors E-mail reports to clients. My question is, how do clients feel about having to print out a 40-50 page report with pictures using their own paper and home printer? Or should I market the fact I will mail the report. Your insights will be appreciated. Kevin Goff Goff Home Inspections, LLC
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