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  1. Please look at this picture and see if I have it correct, thank you!
  2. Thanks Erby, Marc, the house is coming along well, I'm going to try to line up the open wall inspection for next week. Jim, you have a keen eye, I left the wire nuts loose in case I had to go back and add the white one to one of them.
  3. electric hot water heater, 220v house wiring has a black, white and red wire but the hot water heater doesn't have a white wire.
  4. ok, now, will this scenario give me enough venting inches per appliance?
  5. From your typing fingers to God's ears Marc! [:-thumbu]
  6. It is an outside wall but I have 3/4" foam board on the other side and it will be insulated inside also. I think it should be ok. [:-thumbu]
  7. yes, there are three windows across that wall. each window is 3x6, I didn't even think of the windows, is this a problem? Marc, the pipes say 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 on them , i'll get a picture of it in the morning. Paint is the only program i can draw with [:-slaphap i tried CAD and others but i sucked at it!
  8. So I made this drawing in Paint, and I was hoping ya'll could take a look at it and let me know if you see any issues I need to change. THANK YOU!!! []
  9. Marc, yes, I am building the entire house myself [:-wiltel] I did pay someone to do the slab and the plumbing in the slab, other than that it's been all me...and yes it is an exterior wall, I plan on building a box around the manifold like this guy did; with a nice, cabinet style door for it. I haven't had any dealings with the inspectors in West Monroe yet but I haven't heard any horror stories yet so...[:-thumbu] Mike, I have been looking all over online about those fittings, I usually do that before I come to you guys. Maybe I can call Apollo and ask them? Mike, Nolan (thanks for the Apollo PDF), Concerning the radius of the hoses, I plan on drilling the studs and going through them with the hoses so the radius will be very gradual. Like this guy did; I'll post pictures as I go along to make sure I'm not making any mistakes along the way.
  10. I'm in the process of installing PEX plumbing in a new construction house. I just mounted the manifold (Apollo brand) but I can't figure out how a couple of the fittings connect. this is the manifold; this are the fittings in question; This is the ONE o-ring that came with the manifold, which side does it go on? the manifold side or the PEX hose side of the fitting? It doesn't quite fit on the brass insert, it doesn't stay put on it. Or is the o-ring optional? Is there an o-ring missing?
  11. I never heard back from Randy so I'm back to ask ya'lls opinions This is the wall in question, It looks to me that the drain for the bath tub is to close to the wall so if I make the wall 2x6 it will make this worse right? does this look right to you guys? or is do I "T" the tub drain into that pipe and it also connects to the overflow? I've never installed a tub before...obviously.
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