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  1. Flat lot, wood frame, on a slab, cant see the slab due to nailed down skirting. Window cracks are on front and back walls. I had pictures of the cracks but they didnt turn out well.
  2. Disclaimer: Im not an inspector just curious about what you think. 1945 built house, cracks from all windows (at the corners) to the ground and ceiling, diagonally(interior). Doors and windows all stick a bit. I cannot see the foundation. There are no large evident cracks anywhere else. Is this typical of an older home or could it deteriote from here?? If it were you, would you call in a structural engineer?? Thx.
  3. Im an appraiser in the Phoenix area. Did a 5 year old home the other day where expansive soil had pushed up the walkway concrete all the way to the door up along the concrete seam a good inch or so. The line led straight to the front door where the "step up" into the house had a small vertical crack. The slab under the house is post tension while the walkway is just poured concrete....Do I need to be concerned about the expansive soil continuing along that straight line?? and pushing up the flooring inside the house??? Just wondering if a post tension slab "beats" expansive soil?? The windows
  4. Its a ranch, ducting in attic. So blown in extra insulation is well worth it??
  5. Just bought a new home here in the desert. Standard insulation is R19 in the walls and R30 in the attic. How much would blowing in extra insulation help in the attic with electric bills???? Ive heard it go both ways. Thanks.
  6. Im not an inspector, just an appraiser whose building knowledge pales to you guys. What are the main things I should be looking for on my initial walkthrough asides from obvious cosmetics??? Walking this week, sched to close next week so it should be close. I guess I should run every faucet for a while full blast, crank the ac, test the heat, look for larger than normal cracks in the stucco and foundation. Should I bring a lamp or something to test every outlet?? Any further suggestions are appreciated. Thx.
  7. Hello, Im an appraiser and am curious if you guys would have any concerns with the attached picture?? Cracked stucco. Im guessing its just the stucco and not an inicator of something else?? The windows/doors showed no other cracks and I had no trouble opening doors. I see hairline cracks alot on stucco but this is a bit thicker. Thank you. Download Attachment: Picture 9095.jpg 381.91 KB
  8. There was also some sort of water damage on the drywall above the heater...?????? Looked like a leak from above but there was no bathroom or roof above. This was in a garage with the 2nd story over the top of it...crazy.Could this drywall damage be related?
  9. What causes that??? It looks like something exploded but the heater tank and the base its on are covered n this stuff. Pic attached. Thanks. Download Attachment: Picture 8589.jpg 381.86 KB
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