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  1. Thanks. I thought each building had to have its own disconnect. I couldn't locate the literature.
  2. Does a 4 wire subpanel in a detached building need to have its own disconnect?
  3. Trying to confirm my findings. What do you see wrong with these photos. Any information will help. First is a Safety Switch that I noticed is double tapped and the 2nd photo is the subpanel which has pigtails that are reduced from 10 guage to 14 guage with 30 AMP fuses and a 40amp breaker at the main panel labeled for the garage which is not attached to the home. Click to Enlarge 50.22 KB Click to Enlarge 64.13 KB
  4. The main Entrance cable goes two feet from the box and out the wall to the meter.
  5. What did the DIY guy miss here? Click to Enlarge 94.6 KB
  6. Check out the picture. Here is the scenario. The subpanel has a 30 amp breaker in the main panel and 10 AWG run to the fused Subpanel rated at 100 AMP. The neutrals are not isolated and there is 12 AWG going to 25 AMP fuses. Some are double tapped. Questions: What is the minimum size wire that should be run to the subpanel and what about the double taps. Am I correct that there is overfusing and the neutrals are not isolated? Hope someone can advise. Click to Enlarge 76.83 KB
  7. I believe the ground needs to have its own bar that this not bonded. Let me know what you think. Click to Enlarge 32 KB
  8. Hello, Just wanted to see if anyone here prints a price list to give to realtors, who then pass it along to a home buyer either in their brochure or pamphlet. I thought this would be a violation of the law since it would allow home inspectors to share prices. Please post your comments. Thanks,
  9. Hello, Scenario: A 200 amp distribution panel is grounded to a ground rod. The gas piping is grounded to a ground rod. The water supply line was re-piped from the municipal main shutoff to the meter with pex and downstream from the meter about 10 feet until it connects to copper again. One foot after the pex/copper connection downstream from the meter is a bonding wire going to the panel. The bonding is not effective ( we all agree?) The home uses a combination of pex and copper (mostly copper). Questions: If the water line is not longer bonded to the panel, what would the correction be?
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