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  1. If "it's" big enough? What are we talking about there should be two of them the last time I knew...
  2. now lets talk about what the dog is made of......[:-crazy]
  3. Unbelievable that chris wasn't more detailed in his description of this woman. Like age, size of things, hair color, ect.
  4. Sorry if I broke a rule, didn't know that. If anyone wants to private message me with some advice that would be great!
  5. I know from having another business in the past that time and materials really count up. If I don't need to spend extra time and materials great, I'll email. If I need to print out a report I will but I think it's going to just go into a clear binder the way Whisper gives it to you. I think most people know it's the information that's important not how something looks. I hope I'm right in assuming that.
  6. What would you charge for the following homes? 1. 1,200 sq ft single story ranch with basement 2. 1,000 sq ft home on slab only 3. 2,500 sq ft 2 story home with basement 4. 4,000 sq ft 3 story home with basement also, do you charge by the size of the home only or do you change how much you charge considering age? Want to thank you guys for being so helpful, without this forum and you guys, starting this business would have been much harder and more scary! [:-crazy]
  7. I would rather email. But, if I print out a report, the software I use is Whisper, and it prints a black and white cover sheet, but it's not fancy. I was just thinking of putting these pages in a clear binder and thats it. The cover sheet has my name and company, and the clients name with other information. I do feel I am delivering a report, not some fancy catchy looking thing. At the same time, I don't want people saying "man, this looks like crap" I could always make a seperate cover sheet that looks pretty, print it out on real photo paper, but then it's more work, more ink, ect. Just wondering how pretty a report needs to be. If I ever get a report on anything it never looks pretty, it's just a black and white report.
  8. I was just wondering if anyone knows where I can order custom binders for my reports. How do you guys present your printed reports to your clients? Do you use binders or is there a cheaper/better way?
  9. The one about the home inspector finding a huge field of Marijuana in someone's attic was a good one
  10. I think I'll be using my spotting scope a bunch. Never used to have a problem with heights but I do now. Maybe it will go away after a while.
  11. When do you guys decide not to get on a roof? I have to admit I don't like hights. I don't like the idea of climbing on a 2 story roof. 3 stories forget it! (maybe I'll change my mind someday)
  12. If your not a member of ASHI can you still put on a business card that you follow the ASHI Standards of Practice? I don't see why not, but want to be sure
  13. Our government is slowly starting to get us use to fascism, slowly take away rights, invade other countries without enough reason, get us use to military prisons, throw people in there in huge bunches even if their not sure they did anything, soon they'll start throwing americans in there because we make statements like this. The American Gulag of Home Inspectors! It is getting scary people better wake up. But the government knows where a nation of sheep that will whine a little but never do anything.
  14. you guys are being to critical, everything looks great to me!!! Top quality work!! In fact, it's too good!!!
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