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  1. Well if it is a loose connection it is probably generating enough heat to discolor the lug at a termination point somewhere and may also be showing signs of melting insulation on the wire. You may want to check for this at the breaker also but in my experience you would have your breaker tripping if that were happening. I would look for signs of heat build up at termination points. Good Hunting!
  2. It is a 5kv unit and flex is allowed however, some specifications want the flex painted red. Problem solved they claimed it was hard piped in to hold the conduit in place until the flex and connectors could arrive on site. Thank you to all, and have a good weekend!
  3. Not sure if this one does but, most chillers we've dealt with have at some point, be it faulty operation or some other problem have. I just don't remember ever seeing one not flexed in until now and I was just wondering if it was a code violation. In my mind I would treat it like any other piece of equipment with a large motor on it and flex it in.
  4. Is it permitted to hard pipe a conduit to a control panel when it is mounted on a chiller unit or does it need to be flexed in per the NEC.
  5. Jim, thank you very much for your help.
  6. In the 2008 NEC is it legal to extend a neutral wire to a junction box, mount a neutral bar in the junction box, and terminate smaller neutral wires to it as long as the neutral wire extending to the neutral bar is sized to handle the total load of the smaller wires. Also did this change in the 2011 NEC?
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