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  1. This one certainly wasn't labled as a converted unit, however appeared to be working ok. I called for a licensed plumber to take a look and convert to natural gas or replace as needed. Thanks!
  2. Man. Just when you think you've seen it all. The home was built in 1984 yet the water heater was new. I can't believe someone would install an LP unit like that. Home was pretty clean too. Seems like someone wasn't paying attention??
  3. Maybe I'm missing something here. Inspected a home today with an LP water heater. Big black stamp LP on the manufactures' label. The valve was also an LP valve, however the home was serviced with natural gas. The gas pipe went to the furnace which was natural gas and the water heater that was stamped with the LP notice.... Am I crazy or can this possibly work? The water heater was operating when we were there.
  4. No pot, but just below the picture was the Mapquest to the nearest emergency room. Good thing they're following OSHA's requirements.
  5. Oh how I love this photo! Brand new construction. The garage was being used as the staging area for construction supplies. Apparently that included the Vodka. Note the "Building in Quality" sticker on the hard hat. Click to Enlarge 36.34 KB
  6. Sounds good to me. I would just like to hear the builder say, "Ya, know you're right". Even though the condition may suffice and won't ever cause a problem, it would be nice to have them acknowledge that it's not great rather than pooh-poohing the installation and say "standard practice". I appreciate the input.
  7. I called this out on a new construction recently and the builder is saying that it's standard practice. Based on what I see regarding the minimum bearing of 1 1/2" on wood, I don't see how this is ok. Both floor joists were notched around seismic restraint bolts, however one did not need to be notched as the bolt was offset from the joist and the other notch left a thin portion of wood to offer support for the floor. Am I missing something here or is the builder just sidestepping the issue? Click to Enlarge 39.45 KB Click to Enlarge 38.56 KB
  8. I can't seem to find any information regarding manufacture dates or when the Wesco company went out of business. I've searched the site, however I can't locate any information. Any ideas?
  9. CHI2

    First for me

    Ran into this today on a manufactured home built in 1970. The material was a thin metal and was bubbling and not secured to the roof sheathing at many locations. It appeared to come in 4x8 sheets. Many of the homes in the area have since changed to comp roofs, however several still had this type of roof. My question is if it's ok that it is loose to the sheathing. No signs of leaks were noted in the interior, however there was no attic access. Ideas of the product and its installation requirements? Image Insert: 1471.88 KB Image Insert: 1342.36 KB Image Insert: 1392.89 KB
  10. Sorry for being out of touch for several days. Had to buy a new computer and transfer all information. Internet and email down for a couple of days...fun stuff. The rods were tight and my thought was the same as Mike's, how did they get tightened. I didn't how they installed them and could not view beyond where they went through the top plate. I recommended strapping, jack studs and inspection by an engineer as desired by the client. I too don't believe it will ever amount to much, however they should not have been cut in that manner. Thanks for the advice on this one.
  11. Hi Richard, The sub was being fed from a 120V single pole breaker in the home. I was impressed (?) by the installers ingenuity in keeping the neutrals separated from the ground in the sub. Not what I expected to find on this one. Thanks for the input.
  12. I know this can't be correct. This is a sub panel in the garage. I can't figure out why this jumper wire installed in this manner. Also the ground wires have me a little concerned as well. Sorry the pictures a little too close to get a broad view of the panel. Image Insert: 59.84 KB
  13. No, no air conditioning. The home was built in 1994. This wall faces northwest and is facing the Sound. I'm recommending further inspection, possibly with a thermal camera. I'm not sure anything can be determined without destructive testing. If I find anything out, I'll post the results. Thanks,
  14. Hi Mike, I did scan it, here and at many of the small cracks around the home and around the majority of the windows and doors I didn't find moisture anywhere, however it's been dry here for about a month or so. Seems like the moisture would still be trapped inside though. This was the only location that had these patterns. The remainder of the home looked pretty uniform.
  15. Had an inspection today with a home with EIFS covering the majority of the home. Several issues were noted, however I'm not certain what to say about this pattern that I observed on the west facing side. You could see some of the mesh through the finish coat and noticable square patterns. Any ideas what would cause this pattern, especially only on the one side? Thanks Much! Image Insert: 33.79 KB Image Insert: 52.16 KB Image Insert: 69.89 KB
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